project naming chains of nonsense

elm pine pico nano
  • elm the email client: abbreviation for electronic mail

  • pine the email client: acronym for Pine Is No-longer Elm, and also the name of a tree

  • pico the text editor: acronym for pine editor

  • nano the text editor: nano- is the SI prefix which is 1000 times the size of pico-

xml ajax comet
  • xml: extensible markup languages

  • ajax the js/http pattern: acronym for asynchronous javascript and xml

  • comet the predecessor js/java/http pattern: also a household cleaner (like ajax)

multics unix gnu:
  • multics: acronym for multiplexed information and computer services

  • unix: originally unics, acronym for uniplexed information and computing service, after multics

  • gnu: acronym for gnu’s not unix

vi vim neovim
  • vi: short for "visual"

  • vim: "vi improved"

  • neovim: a new vim

  • emacs: "editing macros" or "E with macros" 1

  • eine the text editor: *e*ine *i*s *n*ot *e*macs 2

  • zwei the text editor: *z*wei *w*as *e*ie *i*nitially 3

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