notes for npmCamp 2016

Isaac Schlueter

  • history of npm

    • node.js had no sharing story; turned a bash script into a node project & sent package.json PRs to repos

    • it becoming a thing that pros ~2013 used was a dramatic change; SCALING

  • semver

    • "not magic, not math… still pretty good. shared vocabulary is useful"

  • don’t really know what’s next… bad at predicting the future

Wolf Rentzsch: demo of tonicdev.com

  • use node packages in browser

    • can share "notebooks"

    • visualize everything… urls, binaries, regexes, geo…

    • notebooks can be reused, idempotent installation — not like how npm works by default

    • timestamps all packages when they’re downloaded… like running shrinkwrap all the time

    • …they download all versions of all packages in realtime

Steve Kinney: Ins & Outs of Publishing to NPM

  • turing.io, 7-month-long code school in CO

  • walkthrough of npm init

  • can note which node versions a package specifically support

  • write source in whatever lang you want (TS, CS, ES2015…) but publish in Plain JS so everyone can use it (e.g. use babel)

    • create a build script… set it up on prepublish hook

  • npm version will make git tags for you

Kassandra Perch: npm + nodebots

  • why do we code? for work; to learn; for fun.

    • learning & fun → side projects. "[devs] need side projects, code or otherwise, to continue to survive"

  • npm is intentionally diverse

  • "destroy your idols"

    • "we do not need horrible people that happen to write good code in our communities"

Sara Itani: Node + MSFT

  • historically node doesn’t work so great on Windows…

    • they’re improving it

  • x-platform Visual Studio with smart completion, navigation, debugger w/time travel

Andre Arko, Steve Klabnik, Samuel Giddins: panel about package Managers

  • Cargo was built before Rust hit 1.0, meant that lots of features could be in packages not core

  • Cargo always has repeatable builds (unlike npm by default)

Marcy Sutton: a11y testing w/aXe

  • folks w/ disabilities are 1/5 of the web

  • modernize & automate a11y testing… bring it into the future

    • tests can document intended a11y functionality

    • can’t automate screenreaders yet

  • axe-core https://www.npmjs.com/package/axe-core

  • (Q: if Amazon has so many of the basic things wrong, how do folks manage to use it??)

Iheanyi Ekechukwu: Ember + Devops

  • "DevOps"…

    • provisioning, versioning

    • automation

  • ember-cli-deploy is a plugin… lifecycle hooks

Kate Hudson: frontend dev & npm3

  • users have very different ideas of what "reliable", "intuitive", etc means

  • in-browser JS doesn’t (yet) have niceties for loading modules like node does

    • node has built-in require… but no standard for browsers

    • loading modules is cheap on node; not via network

  • npm3 optimizes for maximally flat dependency tree

  • npm dedupe can recognize potential version consolidation

  • writing a plugin? specify node version ranges, not a specific verison

Andrew Goode: automating semver

  • structured commit messages

    • add structure on squash-and-merge of feature branch

    • structure can be using keywords like feat:, fix:

  • https://www.npmjs.com/package/standard-version

    • replacement of npm version

    • bumps versions, creates changelog

Steph Snopek & Kiera Manion-Fischer: npm support

  • official npm support exists… support@npmjs.com, @npm_support

  • enterprise customers can get video call support

  • socks for docs… open a PR to the docs and they’ll send you some npm socks

Stephan Bönnemann: managing deps w/ Greenkeeper

  • greenkeeper is npm updated as a service. they do support enterprise npm

  • also wrote npm.im/semantic-release

  • doesn’t have to create PRs to see if it passes tests, even if update is outside of pinned range

  • one-click enabling app.greenkeeper.io

Sharon Steed: empathetic communication

  • communication is supposed to be empathetic

  • "empathy fuels connection" –Brené Brown

    • ∴ empathetic communication drives collaboration

  • "failures of communication cannot be automated away"

  • "collaboration fails because 1) people are afraid of being wrong 2) people are afraid of being misunderstood"

Daijiro Wachi: global OSS development

  • time zones… 10 min face to face can be >1 day across the globe

  • reproduce the issue, use same environment (node, npm, platform)

February Keeney: towards inclusive community

  • diversity alone is not enough… need to be safe as well

  • harassment types: blatant vs microaggression

    • blatant gets banhammer

    • micro gets coaching. focus on how actions affect others, not on individual instigating

Kat Marchán (npm cli): state of the CLI

  • npm3

    • been out for a year; default w/node v6

    • fancy new progress bar

  • stabilizing

    • windows support; shinkwrap issues; monthly releases

  • triaging

    • every day; new contributors; want to help? …​don’t email forrest

  • product

    • cli is the FOSS arm of npm Inc

    • new login features; opt-in analytics

CJ Silverio: design patterns in the npm registry

  • "the process of writing software is abstraction & pattern extraction"

  • the registry is "medium data" fits on a single disk but not in memory

  • "modularity" term comes from a 1972 paper

  • how do design patterns promote modularity?

  • patterns…

    • monoliths: everything in 1 process

      • easy to write & change

      • perf is okay

      • easy to write coupled code

    • microservices

      • forces you to design an API

      • easy to mess up API design; unintentional coupling & unruly side effects

    • transaction log: "what every software engineer should know about realtime data’s unifying abstraction" —LinkedIn

      • consumers do One Thing Well

    • messages/workers… (Erlang??)

      • do things independently

      • can scale

      • can crash

  • none of these patterns are Right; "it’s tradeoffs all the way down"

    • what problem are you trying to solve? what tools?

  • you can change systems and patterns!

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